I recently binged the entire series and may be just a little dizzy but there are similarities. Recently I have been accused of not being positive and I have supported Hillary Clinton as the Democratic Nominee. Despite all the media hype about her dishonesty “Fact checkers confirm Hillary Clinton is more honest than any of her 2016 opponents” followed closely by Bernie Sanders with Trump last with a deplorable 3% true ratio.

Firstly her accomplishments: You should take a few moments to read this https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hillary_Clinton . Hillary Clinton was the first woman to do so many things if she had been an astronaut Neil Armstrong would probably have said “after you Hillary”.

She was an incredibly idealist student despite attending the traditional women’s only ivory league university campaigned for racial equality and gave the commencement speech in 1969.

Hey I had a pair of pants just like

these Mine were corduroy, of course

 During Bill Clintons early years as Arkansas Attorney General and then Governor of Arkansas (Good Wife anyone), Hillary joined the Rose law firm soon becoming the first woman to be made a full partner. In 1977, Hillary co founded Arkansas Advocates for Children and Families, President Jimmy Carter appointed her to the board of director of the Legal Services Corporation eventually becoming the first woman to chair that board. Hillary Clinton commanded a higher salary than Bill until they entered the White House.


It is interesting to note that Hillary beat her Republican opponent 55% to 43%, her re-election was 67% to 31%, despite the GOP claims that Hillary did nothing as a US Senator the voters of New York clearly disagreed.


Despite the amount of blatant misogyny during her 2008 campaign for the democratic nomination, the contest was extremely close with Barack Obama receiving 51% to Hillary Clintons 49% with super delegates determining the outcome Barack Obama 463 vs Hillary Clinton 257. Neither candidate had the delegates to get the nomination because the pledged delegate count was so close. The delegate count is such an unsure process that there is some disagreement on the actual totals depending on the source. After losing Hillary went on to support Barack Obama as the candidate.

I recently Google searched “Why does the right hate Hillary Clinton?” The results were enlightening. Apparently the only Democrat to generate more sheer hatred is Barack Obama. Even Bill Clinton does get this much animosity.

“Obviously, Clinton carries with her more than 25 years in the white-hot public spotlight that Sanders doesn't -- despite his career in the Senate -- and over that length of time people have been able to form opinions of her and they're ones not likely to change at this point. What you know about Hillary is what you know about Hillary. There aren't a lot of surprises. Maybe you figure this is bad for her, but in truth it can be argued that this is a positive rather than a negative because there's nothing the Republicans can throw at her that we haven't already been fed to death. And when you take a step back and look at Clinton objectively -- which is admittedly difficult for many, even, or maybe particularly, on the left -- that's exactly the point. Hillary Clinton's reputation is largely the result of a quarter century of visceral GOP hatred.”


I quoted Chez Pazienza here obviously a professional journalist would explain his position more clearly than I but I also happen to agree with him.

The Scandals: Hillary Clintons resume is truly astounding; even if you buy into the GOP rhetoric it is truly hard to believe that one person could accomplish this much. Despite the manufactured scandals; it is quite a list starting with Whitewater which spent millions and had three special prosecutors Robert B. Fiske, Ken Starr and finally Robert Ray. The 60 million dollar “investigation” culminated in the Starr Report which only dealt with Monica Lewinsky since Whitewater yielded zero charges against Bill Clinton. In my humble opinion the results of which, Bill Clinton was lying about a BJ in the White House and then for obstruction of Justice about a BJ in the White house. The last prosecutor Robert Ray’s report concluded there was insufficient evidence to convict Bill or Hillary Clinton of a crime, he did complain that "unmeritorious litigation" by the president's lawyers severely impeded the investigation's progress”. Imagine their lawyers defended their clients, what nerve.

Futures trading Hillary made $100,000 from an original investment of $1000. Yup has got to be crooked. I personally bought a single share of an unknown stock; it was during my brother’s obsession with gold mining. Shortly after I invested in the mining stock it split 30,000 to one. My single share was now 30,000 shares and it was worth a shit load of money. Unfortunately the stock was a special issue and I was required to hold it for a while. The certificate was stolen from my home and by the time I got my stock certificate replaced the initial excitement about the stock had waned and after paying broker commissions I just about got my original 1000 back, damn.

In addition there was Travelgate and Filegate and then Benghazi. It is hard to comprehend that there were 8 congressional committees investigating the terrorist attack that resulted in the death of four US citizens and two were sufficient for 9/11 wher thousands were killed. There is nothing partisan going on here, this has resulted in zero wrongdoing by anyone but still two, I really don’t know how to refer to these individuals, tried to scream out during a rally held by Bill Clinton. If you saw this despicable behavior I think Bill Clinton was way too nice to them trying to answer their charges, politifacts questioned the accuracy of the mostly worthless charges, until they were gently removed, screaming all the way.

Lastly the email server, I have been unable to find a single instance where similar situations have resulted in computers being turned over to the FBI and addition State Department computers seized by the FBI. Republicans just don’t comply, or emails are deleted without charges being brought, perhaps the reason most Americans like Bernie Sanders “don’t want to hear about the emails”.

The campaign claim that Hillary Clinton is owned by the banks is plain ridiculous, her campaign gets about 30% of its funding from Bid Banks, twice that if you count Super Pac monies. The assertion that she takes fossil fuel company money and that will buy her support. Look at her record peoples except for TARP which did what was necessary at the time; her voting record is very close to Bernie Sanders.

Bernie Sanders was right though; there is little a president can do to legally to break up big Banking Corporations. I think that the best way to start would be to reauthorize Glass-Steagall or a law like it separating Banking for Wall Street and Insurance companies, but this is a congressional responsibility. Hillary did support coal at one time but she is now on the Climate Change Bandwagon, which I don’t agree with, even supporting banning Fracking, and does get all excited about gun control.

Despite some of her agenda I believe that HRC is a good candidate and could do great things as the president of these United States.









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